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For educators, kids and the general public:
Coloring book download and videos for kids and teachers:
Coloring book Original 11×17

Coloring Book pdf

Video of a leaf-cutting ant nest dig (youtube)

Video of leaf cutting ants with Spanish and English (youtube)

Classroom activities about leaf cutting ants

Curriculum draft for Panama and endophyte research

Curriculum baldcypress endophytes and salinity

Van Bael presents online discussion entitled “Plants, animals and people: How do they impact tropical biodiversity?” for educators and students of all ages:

This is how an artist depicts Van Bael’s work on birds in different land-use systems:

Smithsonian – Meet our Scientists youtube interview of Van Bael:

An award-winning video about poison dart frogs produced in part by Peter Tellez!! 

Here is information on fellowship competitions and intern applications for work at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama:

A blog about life in Gamboa, Panama with information for new visitors:

INSECT ART and VIDEOS inspired in Panama:

Damond Kyllo
Barrett Klein
Donna Conlon
Andrew Quitmeyer
Catherine Chalmers