Our lab participated in a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) program out at the Studio in the Woods. We piloted the first ever, “Kid Master Plan for Coastal Management” workshop. Kids worked in teams of three to design and build the coast, using a physical model.  The City Planner decided where to place New Orleans and Grand Isle (bottle caps). The Mississippi River Director helped design the levee system  and the Mississippi Delta, including Grand Isle (clay and rocks). The Marsh Ecologist decided where to place the marshes (sponges) and plant the trees (twigs). The teams then observed how their models could stand up to three challenges that are due to global change: spring flooding with high river levels, sea level rise, and Hurricane Kim! At the end of the day, the kids could compare how their coastal designs worked or failed.  The workshop design and leadership team was Emily Farrer,  Kim Mighell, Emma Tower and Sunshine Van Bael. Huge thanks to Studio in the Woods for hosting the event and to EEB student Marie Piccione for organizing. 


Kid Master Planners

Storm surge!   (video link)

Coastal planning team

Hurricane Kim brings STORM SURGE!

Design in progress

Compare and contrast