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New publication on baldcypress endophyte...

New publication on baldcypress endophytes in a waste-water treatment marsh

Congrats to Jen Janowsky, a recent graduate of Tulane and the first author of “Bacterial and fungal endophyte communities differ in trees of natural versus wastewater-treatment wetlands,” published today online in Wetlands Ecology and Management. Please click the link here to have a look: The pdf is here: Janowsky2019 Coauthors include Liz Kimbrough, Steve Formel, […]

Seeking new Ph.D. student for Fall 2020

Seeking new Ph.D. student for Fall 2020

The Van Bael lab ( is seeking a prospective Ph.D. student to begin in the fall of 2020.  Research opportunities in the lab focus on coastal research along the Gulf of Mexico coast, investigating how plant-microbial interactions influence stress resilience of coastal communities.  Skills learned in the lab include culturing of bacteria and fungi, molecular […]

Mareli Sanchez Julia joins Organization ...

Mareli Sanchez Julia joins Organization for Tropical Studies course in Costa Rica

Mareli, a Ph.D. student in the Van Bael lab, joined the graduate student course in tropical biology this summer. She traveled to several sites in Costa Rica with the Organization for Tropical Studies. While there, she had the chance to learn about plant systematics, conservation grant writing, podcast-production, and intense experimental design/hypothesis testing. She also worked with sea hares […]