This week, three biology teachers arrived in Panama to interact with the Van Bael lab, as part of the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Teachers program. The Van Bael lab team is excited to be joined by Ms. Katie Adler (East Jefferson High School). Ms. Jodi Sanchez (Lusher Charter School, middle school) and Ms. Jeanell Sullivan (Lusher Charter School, high school). The teachers will observe many scientists in action at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, located at the Gamboa lab. The ultimate goal is to develop curriculum surrounding research in the tropical forest, to bring back to their classrooms and to integrate into Louisiana’s statewide standards for science. The teachers will also be writing blog posts about their experiences at the following site: endotraits/blog

Rachel, Sunshine, Clare, Jeanell, Jodi and Katie in Casco Viejo, Panama. Photo by Steven Medina


Katie, Jeanell and Jodi at the Gamboa lab


Steven, Liz, Clare, Jodi, Katie and Jeanell